Flight attendant lifts lid on why new planes have ashtrays despite smoking ban

Kaylee, who works as a flight attendant, has shared the reason behind why new planes are built with ashtrays installed, despite the fact smoking on a flight is illegal

If you’ve ever nipped to the loo mid-flight and noticed an ashtray, only to think they’re the most pointless addition to non-smoking plane, then you’re not alone.

But, while you might assume the trays were fitted before smoking bans became a thing on aeroplanes, that’s not always the case.

In fact, cabin crew member Kaylee took to TikTok to show a clip of the ashtrays installed inside a Boeing 737 made in the last 10 years, well after the majority of in-slight smoking bans came in, in the late 90s.

“Have you ever noticed that new planes have ashtrays? Do you know why?” she wrote in the clip, which shows an ashtray below a sign which clearly says ‘No Smoking’ in both English and French, according to the Daily Star.

Since the clip was shared, it has received thousands of likes, with many hundreds flocking to the comments section in a bid to answer the question.

Some suggested it might be because it was still legal to smoke on planes in some countries and others thought the new plane might be built with “old” toilet doors.

“They are required by law to have a safe place for the flight crew to put the illegal cigarettes,” one commented, while a second agreed: “Because people still like to break the rules. As silly as this sounds.”

Someone else noted it was “safer for them to use the ashtray than try to hide it in the trash causing a fire.”

Kaylee late confirmed these answers were correct and revealed that a plane without ashtrays is not allowed to take off.

She added that some people would still try to have a cigarette in the toilet, despite no-smoking signs and smoke detectors in the toilet meaning you’re almost guaranteed to get caught. Everyday really is a school day on TikTok.

That being said, smoking on an aeroplane is still an illegal offence, so if you have a nicotine addiction, stick to patches or gum when you are flying.